East Construction and International Trading Company (East) started its activities in 1982 as the representative of Websol’s Reinforced Earth Systems in Turkey. In 1986, the Company realized the first Reinforced Earth Wall application for the State Highway Agency in Turkey, Elmadag road crossing bridges and approaches. Since then, East has designed, engineered and constructed both Polymeric and Steel Reinforced Earthwalls, called Reinforced Earth.

East designed and built several components of the system and exported worldwide for application in many countries.

East applies the composite polymer frictional ties supplied by Linear Composites firm, Group Maccaferri in Italy. The other components of the system (steel, polyurethane forms and connection elements) are designed and produced in East’s own production facilities.

Recognized as a pioneer in the Earth Retaining Wall industry with its leading engineering, quality in construction and supervision services, East delivered state of art projects such as Sakarya TAG Highway, Toprakkale – Iskenderun Tarsus crossing, Mersin Highway, Karadeniz Highway, Istanbul Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge – TEM Highway, particularly serving State Highway Agency, Istanbul Municipality and other private and public customers for industrial applications in multiple retaining walls and bridge abutments.

For 32 years, East has realized more than 650 000 m2 of polymeric and steel reinforced soil structures and is renowned as the solution provider to the most complex engineering problems with sustainable and economic offers.

About Polymeric Reinforced Soil Systems

Since the first applications in 1978 in Warmwell, United Kingdom by the British Company, International Soil Structures under the patent name Websol, Reinforced Earth Systems have been very successful also in Ireland, Kuwait, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

Following its first application in Elmadag DDY, Turkey in 1986 by East Construction and International Trading Company, East realized large-scale applications between 1987 and 1990 in Kinali – Sakarya Highway.

The system is applied successfully in Kinali – Sakarya, TAG, Toprakkale – Iskenderun, Tarsus – Mersin, TEM highways for clients such as State Highway Agency, Istanbul Municipality and other public and private constructors looking for sustainable solutions in highway developments.

East has also been a pioneer in designing and building very high applications of Polymeric Reinforced Earth systems such as TAG Highway Nur Mountains (30m), Sinop – Boyabay Highway (30m), Gokova – Marmaris Highway (24m), Kisladag Gold Mine (23m).

The Polymeric Reinforced Soil System provides a fast and economic method of building an Earth Retaining Structure in various applications such as industrial, highway, marine and river works.

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